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What is the suede fabric

  • Update:19-07-2017
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    Muntjac belongs to the deer, but only male muntjac has […]

    Muntjac belongs to the deer, but only male muntjac has a short angle, the angle is stretched backwards, the corner of the bend, generally not split or only a small fork, corner of the base in the face of the formation of longitudinal ridges. Skull slightly triangular, tear wall significantly. Mossy hair and other deer animals compared to both short and thin; limbs are very slender, masturbate narrow and sharp; large on the teeth will be bent and was fangs, but with musk deer, deer fangs ,smaller. Suede is made with muntjac skin fabric made of fabric.
    But the suede are not all with the real animal muntjac made of the skin, there are natural and man-made points. Artificial suede methods are woven, knitted, nonwovens and so on. In the current cloth market, suede actually refers to all kinds of imitation leather cashmere, such as denim denim imitation leather, by imitation leather cashmere, latitude imitation leather, warp imitation leather, double-sided leather Cashmere, elastic imitation leather and so on. So we want to buy a real natural suede must see clearly, pay attention to distinguish.http://www.ruihengtextile.com/

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