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What sofa fabric

  • Update:13-11-2017
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    1, According to different ingredients, can be divided i […]

    1, According to different ingredients, can be divided into Quandi, cotton, linen and so on. On the whole polyester cloth category, for example, can also be divided into: suede, super soft velvet, corduroy, chenille and so on.
    2,In accordance with the classification of raw materials, cotton, linen, chemical fiber. There are many kinds of chemical fiber, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics are mixed with several ingredients. As silk, wool, is very rare.
    3, In accordance with staining methods, dyed, dyed. Dyeing is the first good cloth, go dye the color; dyed yarn is the first yarn color, go to weaving. No matter what the composition of cloth, can be made into dyed cloth, can also be made of dyed fabric. Basically, the general monochrome cloth dyeing, monochrome are not dyed cloth.
    4, According to the type of yarn classification, there are spinning suede, chenille yarn and so on. Suede suede looks like a suede fabric, the composition is all polyester, in the market is very much. Chenille yarn is a relatively thick yarn, looks furry, woven with chenille cloth collectively chenille. There are many ingredients, polyester, viscose can be made chenille. This cloth is more solid, more rough style. Currently in the market are more. The fabrics that tell you in the store are basically all kinds of names mixed together, not in accordance with a uniform standard. Common are suede, chenille, yarn-dyed fabrics, cotton cloth, linen. These fabrics are not good or bad, but each have different characteristics.
    5, According to the price classification, the same weight fabric, the cheapest polyester, cotton expensive, a lot of expensive linen. But many dyed or chenille fabrics are heavier and thicker, so the price will be higher.
    Different fabrics for different styles of sofas, modern style, strong sense of the line of the sofa is more suitable for cotton or linen; classical style with more chenille, yarn-dyed cloth.


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