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Which is better with cotton and linen

  • Update:22-06-2018
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    In recent years, linen clothing has been surging in the […]

    In recent years, linen clothing has been surging in the market. Cotton, linen and linen are the fabric of choice for influxes. Since the linen clothing is so hot, what is the difference between flax and cotton and linen and cotton and linen?
    Which cotton and linen is good experimental identification:
    Which cotton and linen is best for cotton and linen?
    Both the cotton fiber and the hemp fiber are flammable immediately after being fired, burning rapidly, and the flame is yellow and blue smoke. The difference between the burning odor and the burning ash is that the cotton burns paper smell and the linen burns out the ash smell; after burning, the cotton has very little powder ash, black or gray, and the hemp produces a small amount of grayish white powder ash. The color of the flame produced by burning and the odor produced after burning can be easily discerned. In simple terms, when cotton is burned with fire, it becomes ash, not cotton, or induration.
    Which is better to distinguish between cotton and linen:
    Linen: In general, in addition to foreign trade alone, it will be made of pure linen, and the domestic sales orders will have been dominated by cotton and linen. Flax is an important raw material of the hemp textile industry, and its fiber is strong, soft, and has a good color.
    Cotton: In general, domestic linen and linen are mainly made of cotton and linen, but many productions use chemical fiber instead of cotton in order to reduce costs. Of course, the effect of low-cost things is relatively close.
    Which advantages and disadvantages of cotton and linen are introduced:
    Linen: Linen fabrics have good hygroscopicity, thermal conductivity, and good air permeability.
    Advantages: high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, good air permeability;
    Disadvantages: uncomfortable to wear, rough appearance, feeling stiff;
    Cotton: It is cotton blended. That is, there are the advantages of hemp and the advantages of cotton.
    Advantages: Both cotton comfort and hemp breathability. Dry, good air permeability, strong sweat absorption. Radiation protection.
    Disadvantages: Dyed tone is dark, belongs to a dark color, looks no gloss. Does not wrinkle, natural things do not wrinkle.

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